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Friday night Iftars

Asalaamu alaykum jazakallah khayrun to all the sisters and brothers who attended our iftar. We had about 30-40 people, much more then we anticipated alhamdulillah!We did have some teething problems! Timings and things, but alhamdulillah we learn so we can do better next time!Due to the success of this event we are planning to continue doing this event on Friday nights during Ramadan. InshaAllah one of the nights will be a “bring your Non Muslim friend/neighbour night” In which we will be inviting Non Muslim members of our community to share iftar with us.Many sisters also offered sadaqah and zakaat for the madrassa alhamdulillah, May Allah accept it from them and reward them!If you would be interested in attending, or know any sisters or brothers who may benefit from attending, please get in touch! jzk Naila

via Friday night Iftars.

via Friday night Iftars.

Surah Al Qadr

Surah Al Qadr

Its theme is to acquaint man with the value, worth and importance of the Quran. It is a glorious Book and its revelation for mankind is full of blessings.

–          Entire Surah is for the honour of one night, demonstrating the importance and how tremendous this one night is.

–          This Surah commemorates the 1st revelation, . Its being placed just after Surah Al-Alaq in the arrangement of the Quran by itself explains that the Holy Book, the revelation of which began with the first five verses of Surah Al-Alaq. was sent down in a destiny making night.



Qadr – The word Qadr originates meaning amount, a measurement.

a)      measure of the rank of someone, ie) He has great amount  with Allah

= Great value, worth

Qadr – Destiny, the way everything is measured out, ie) How much I live, how much I work


Therefore Laylatul Qadr means the Night of Destiny and Great worth.

And Surah Al Qadr means the Surah of Destiny and Great Worth

1)      Inna anzalnahu fee laylatialqadr

Indeed we sent it down in the night of power.


Inna acts as emphasis, meaning doubt it not

Verb is in the form of “we”, this is the we of tremendousness, so it can be seen as “tremendous sending down”


It is referring to Quran, the effect of starting with a pronoun with no reference points is to emphasise and praise,


Suggests there can be no doubt to what the surah is referring to, and what this tremendous matter is that was sent down.


This has the effect that the Quran is known, present and magnified in our hearts.


“We have sent it down”

Clarifies That is, it is not a composition of Muhammad (upon whom be Allah’s peace and blessing) himself, but Allah says We Ourself have revealed it.


AL Qadr = THE power, essence of great worth, ALL the worth.


“night of destiny” has multiple meanings.

First, that it is the night during which destinies are decided


The revelation of this Book in this night is not merely the revelation of a book but an event which will change the destiny of not only the Quraish, or of Arabia, but of, the entire world


2)      Wama adraka ma laylatualqadr?

And what will explain to you what the night of power is?



=what can possible explain to you the true essence of the night?

=emphasised question,

= increase impact, shows the listener that reality is beyond comprehension

=Highlights that only Allah can answer this question and tell us, none of creation knows.

Adra is in past tense, suggesting the answer will come


These two verses build up suspense and intrigue, the listener will be wanting to know more.


3)      Laylatu alqadri khayrun min alfi shahr

The night of Great Worth is better then a thousand months,


Repition of “laylatul qadr”

=great anticipation, awe and emphasis,

=noun where a pronoun is expected, oppossite to verse 1 which has a pronoun where a noun is expected.

1000 months is 83 years, which is a whole lifetime, Laylatul Qadr is better then a whole life time! If you worship in this night, it is as if you have worshipped your entire life!


Allah has given us specific places and times as He SWT wants us to give importance to this, and wants us to search them out.


Allah magnified this night, therefore we should magnify it.


Allah has hidden this night from us

-Great matters require hardwork and determination to obtain

– The people who find it will be those who are determined to.

-In His wisdom, as a mercy to us, Allah SWT has given us avidness, desire and exertion,

May Allah bless us with these things.


Laylatul Qadr can be said to be similar to

–          Blessed hour on Fridat

–          Supreme name

–          The most exalted prayer

–          Our final hour (death)

As we don’t know when it causes us to struggle and strive to gain ajr or avoid disadvantage.


4)      Tanazzalu almala-ikatu warroohufeeha bi-ithni rabbihim min kulli amr

In it the angels and the spirit descend by the leave of their Lord, for every command.


Tannazzul – implies multitude, one after another

The spirit – Jibreel, Source of knowledge, through him revelation comes down. He has a special rank



With the leave

– implies the Angles are ready and waiting to come, they want to come, as soon as the permission of Allah is given they leave.

–          The earth is blessed they want to come down.

–          Angels love believers and believers love angels.

–          Angels love dhikr, believers love dhikr

The angles come with the commands for the next year.

5)      Salamun hiya hatta matlaAAialfajr

Peace it is, till the rising of dawn

–          Salaam = pure well being, goodness, freedom from bad/pain

The word peace is first, instead of there is peace until dawn, “peace it is” this emphasises that this is the night of pure peace, the essence of peace.

NOT peaceful as an adjective, ie “the night is peaceful”

Instead emphasis; “the night is Peace”

–          Hatta =until the last moment, all the way, every moment.


The night that evil will not touch those in ibadah and angels will be praying for believers.


Channel 4 Broadcast call to prayer

It has been widely circulated that the adhaan on channel 4 will be broadcast from an ahmadiyya mosque. Yet again Muslims dont seek daleel and believe anything they here. I contacted channel four and this is what they had to say. Dear Naila,Thank you for contacting Channel 4 Viewer Enquiries regarding 4RAMADAN: Call To Prayer.Thank you for your email.  However, we would like to confirm that the Call to Prayer was not filmed in a mosque, but rather will feature scenes in and around London.We hope the above sets your mind at ease.Thank you again for taking the time to contact us here at Channel 4 and for your interest in our programming.Regards,Noah SinclairChannel 4 Viewer EnquiriesThe confusion came from a picture of a mosque used in an article, which channel four has requested be changed.The adhaan will be read by Hassen Rassol who has saidAssalaamualaykum,Re: Channel4 Adhan,I, Hassen Rasool would like to clarify that that Channel4 Adhan has NOTHING to do with the Ahmedias.The New Statement used a photo of the Ahmedias mosque in their article which created all this confusion.I have personally asked Channel4 to ask The New Statesman to change the image ASAP.If you need any more clarification contact Justine Bowerjbower@channel4.co.ukTel: 02073068427CheersHassen RaooolHere is Hassen doing adhaanShare this:

via Channel 4 Broadcast call to prayer.

via Channel 4 Broadcast call to prayer.

Productive Ramadan for Busy Mums!

Plan Meals

Preparing suhoor and iftar may not be a struggle if you organise yourself efficiently. It may be helpful to make a plan of what you are going to cook for the day to ensure that not all your time is spent on the cooking and there is ample time for other important duties such as nafl (voluntary, extra) prayers, Quran recitation, dhikr, and attending taraweeh (night) prayers

Build A Support Network

—Get the family involved in Ramadan activities, such as going to taraweeh or attending events.—Ask relatives to baby sit the kids now and again.—Get together with other mums, so that you are able to take turns in taking children to school and other activities—Make a babysitting club where every week one mum takes their turn to look after the kids

Schedule Me Time—

Use your support network—Identify a specific time when you can be away from the demands of the home so that you can strengthen spiritually. This could be at night before you sleep, or in the morning before everyone is awakeit is important to ensure you don’t ‘burn out’ and ask your husband/family/friends for support – they can also be informed about this time  that you need with your Lord and will respect that if you tell them.

Create Mini Rotas

—Create a rota for tidying and cleaning up after iftar, encouraging your children to take turns to earn more reward this month!—For mothers who have young babies, maybe work out a rota where your husband does the ‘night shifts’ in tending to the baby if he’s not working weekends for example.

Power Nap!

—Remember the advice when your kids were small to sleep while they slept, or whenever you can get the chance? Now is the time to reimplement that method!

Mini Halaqahs

—Sit down with your children and teach them about Islam—Use this time to learn yourself. You can learn duas or Allah’s names, the stories of the prophets, or practice tajweed together with your children!

via Productive Ramadan for Busy Mums!.

via Productive Ramadan for Busy Mums!.

Ramadan Reminders

Ramadan Reminders.


If you missed the info from our Productive Ramadan Seminar, don’t despair!

Here are some of the points from the seminar!

For the full course pack please get in touch.

Make intentions

Ensure that your fasting is only for Allah, we have already seen the numerous benefits of fasting but the primary motivation of fasting should be solely to seek Allahs pleasure. The Prophet had highlighted the conditions for fasting to be accepted by saying

“Whoever fasts Ramadan out of faith and in the hope of reward, his previous sins will be forgiven.”

“Out of faith” in this context refers to ensuring that your worship is solely for Allah.

Have the eagerness to get your fasts and worship accepted

Sometimes it is difficult to hope and wish for something without realising its value. We already went through the value of Ramadan and the associated rewards and so most of you should feel eagerness in your hearts for our efforts to be rewarded/accepted. If you are still unsure think about what makes you eager…think back to last year Ramadan…make an assessment of how your heart measured up in terms of possessing that eagerness

The spiritual motivation within us is an innate aspect of our being and its fulfilment is our ultimate objective in life. Those who fail to achieve this objective will experience feelings of emptiness, despair, anxiety and dread. This motive compels us to reflect upon God and His creation, our purpose and our final destination.

So seek that motivation. Sometimes you can cultivate that eagerness in your heart by reminding yourself about the rewards, virtues, and benefits of Ramadan.

 Engage intently in worship during Ramadan

Ensure that all our acts of Ibadah during Ramadan are purposeful, absorbing, given due time, and engage our hearts to the fullest. It would indeed be a big loss if we merely earned hunger, thirst, and sleeplessness from our actions at the end of the month!
The Prophet (Peace and blessings be upon him) once said,  “Some who fast obtain nothing from it but hunger and thirst.”

via Ramadan Reminders.

Special Announcement!!

Sheikh SULAIMAN GHANI has confirmed his attendance at our event!

Shaykh Suliman Ghani was born into a noble family from South Africa. He completed his Hifz whilst young, and pursued his Islamic Studies in Pakistan. Having studied there for a period of 3 years, Allah had blessed him to be accepted at Al Azhar University, where he studied for 2 years. In this period, the Shaykh was able to gain many authorisations (Ijazas) in Qur’an, Hadith, Fiqh and Aqeeda etc. The Shaykhs hunger for knowledge had not stopped there. Having studied at Al Azhar, he later travelled to the University of Medina where he stayed for an additional 4 years graduating from the faculty of Hadith. After this the Shaykh picked up his MA in Islamic Studies from SOAS, London. Currently Shaykh Suliman Ghani resides in London, where he Principle of Balham Madrassa and lecturer in Arabic, Islamic studies and Hifz at Tooting Islamic Centre. He is also the Imam at Tooting Islamic Centre.

InshaAllah we can all benefit from his wisdom and knowledge!