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JazakAllah Khayr

JazakAllah Khayr.

Asalaamu alaykum,

It has been 3 months since I started working with Newham Islamic Learning Centre.

Alhamdulillah this has been an amazing opportunity, and in this short time I have been able to do so many things and gain so many skills and new experiences.

If you asked me 3 months ago I would have thought it to be inconceivable that I would have ran a holiday scheme for children, or a Ramadan workshop!

I am grateful to Allah SWT for guiding me to NILC. He SWT is truly great and answers duas that I don’t even know I made!

The best thing about working with NILC has been to have found brothers and sisters who share the same ethos and values as me, who really want to make a difference in the communities we live in, yet at the same time know that success and failure is in the hands of Allah.

As well as this I truly enjoy my work. I like being busy and involved. I love the kids in the madrassa, and in the holiday scheme! Their energy is amazing and inspiring.

I love my sisters and brothers who have supported me at NILC for the sake of Allah.

InshaAllah I hope to continue working here and continue learning and growing.

May Allah bless us all with good


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