Our Community!!

Our Community

Find out more about our community building initiatives!!

East London Football Academy 

Through this we encourage interaction and understanding of different groups within our community. We use football as a tool to foster team work, respect, responsibility, trust, honesty, confidence, determination and esteem within players. We don’t want our youth to be on the streets, so aim to engage them in something enjoyable, through which we are able to influence their character.



Al Luqman Madrassa

In the Name of Allah the most great and high:

I have been working for for Newham Islamic Learning Centre for a while now. I
believe that when we teach our kids about Islam its not just merely reading Qaidah and memorising. Islam also teaches us to be happy and joyful within the boundaries of (Allah swt).
The experience we have with young Muslim students is excellent here.

Recently we have been taking kids to enjoy days out in the park. This has made me gain a perspective and brought about a realisation of the importance of play to children’s learning and development. The kids enjoy these outings very much and they help me get to know them and bond with them.

My thoughts are that we need more of these outgoing activities in our Islamic schools and to be more interactive with our students. Lets make it fun and different!

Our Prophet SAW enjoyed being with children and gave them alot of attention because he knew they are the future of our Ummah who will carry our beacon of Islam for generations to come. We need to follow his example in the love, care, attention and education we give to, not just our own children, but all the children in our community.

Safian Khan

Counselling Services

I began my career as a Nursery Nurse and Youth Worker and am qualified in both.  From this, I went on to run various support groups for women within my local community in East London, working with the Local Authority in Newham assisting and supporting women in crisis who were suffering from problems such as domestic violence and mental health issues.  My passion for helping others led me to gain my Certificate in Counselling, further to which I have undertaken training in the fields of mediation, domestic violence, self-harm and NLP.

In addition to my counselling, I am currently running support groups for Muslim women, tackling issues such as coping with stress and depression, building self-confidence, dealing with relationships within marriage and families, health related issues and relaxation techniques.  I also undertake workshops on marriage and good housekeeping skills as well as assisting in life coaching and assertiveness seminars.

After 26 years of running support groups and counselling women, I have come to understand that many underlying issues are linked to childhood trauma and these have manifested in the adults that I see. These  issues of parenti g urgently need to be addressed in our community and with this in mind, I will be running Islamic Positive Parenting workshops insha’Allah.

My many years of experience, coupled with my approach from an Islamic perspective has enabled me to tailor my counselling to suit my clients individual needs and by Allah’s permission, I have many clients who have found counselling has allowed them to lead happier, more emotionally stable and fulfilling lives.

If you require any further information regarding my counselling services or workshops listed below, I can be contacted on 07909 941 179 or by email at afshankhan1@hotmail.co.uk


Umm Asim

The Retreat

The retreat offers boxing, kickboxing, karate and other activities to adults and children.

Muslimah Directions


Empowering local Muslim women by sharing knowledge and providing, support, encouragement and friendship, in a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. Using Islamic reminders, and examples that we can implement in our every day lives.

Regular halaqas and events for sisters and children.

Creative Deen

Islamic activity scheme, teaching Islamic concepts and beliefs in a fin and engaging manner.


KiPP2  Poster

Knowledge is Power Presentation 2 Tuition Centre offers high quality tutoring by qualified teachers to struggling children within our community.

Healthy Eating Initiative

We offer high quality low cost fruit in order to encourage healthy eating habits within our community, and back this up through association with Yasmin’s Delights, which offers recipes for the whole family to enjoy.

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